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"I help busy Mums, like YOU, with their kids' emotions, sleep and daily wellness"

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Essential Oil Mumma
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Hey there! My name is Sarah-Jade and I am a busy Mum, just like you...

I know that you are searching for fast and easy tips and solutions to have at your fingertips to help support your kids daily lifestyle and wellness. That’s where I come in!

Being a Mumma of two energetic little boys myself, I was you four years ago. You want to know how to make a roller blend for night-time calm down time, what to put in the diffuser first thing in the morning to create a “happy” vibe and how you can support your own emotional health while navigating motherhood.

Don’t stress! I am here to help you know how to use your essential oils once they arrive in your home and all the amazing things you can do with them.

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The Emotional Wellness
Starter Pack

A brand NEW starter pack is available and it is a good one!

Not only will it help with feeling more relaxed and rested at night but will also support you during the day with your work and home environment when things might become overloaded with emotions and you just need a break.

Essential Oil Mumma

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